Hi, I'm Adam DeConinck.

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I'm currently located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and I work in high-performance computing. I'm involved with both supporting production supercomputing systems as a system administrator, and with integrating new systems into our larger research computing environment. I'm generally interested in problems involving building, operating, and understanding the behavior of large distributed systems, as well as understanding how computing tools can best serve the needs of working scientists.

In school I also did scientific research in physics and materials science, mostly involving the microfabrication and study of soft materials structures.

Outside of work, I'm mostly just a geek: I read a lot, I play a lot of board games, and I enjoy hanging out with my wife Leigh and our three cats. I've recently taken up curling, and I've been known to fence with an epee from time to time. I'm also a huge fan of Leigh's roller derby team in Albuquerque.

If any of the above sounds interesting, feel free to email me (gpg key) or ping me on twitter. I love meeting new people and talking about interesting things.