Hi, I'm Adam DeConinck.

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I work on large distributed computing systems: building them, running them, sometimes breaking them, and fixing what's broken.

When not on computers, I also curl, play tabletop games, read a lot of history and science fiction, and am a fan of my wife's roller derby team. Before I got into computing, I used to do scientific research in physics and materials science, and I still try to keep up with those fields somewhat.

If you think anything on this page is interesting, or just want to say hi, send me an email or ping me on twitter. I enjoy meeting new people.

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why "ajdecon"?

"ajdecon" is the first unix login name I was ever assigned, in a neat little "learn about Linux" online class I took in high school. Admittedly the naming scheme is a little odd: first initial, middle initial, and first five characters in last name is not something you see often. But it stuck, and at this point it's the moniker I'm most comfortable with online. Plus no one else seems to be using it! So I'll choose it whenever I have the option.