About Adam

Adam in the Galapagos Islands

Adam DeConinck (he/him) works as a computer systems engineer on very large distributed and clustered computing systems. His professional experience includes helping to build and support some of the largest and most performant compute and storage systems in the world, including being on-call for fixing them when they were broken!

He enjoys working on problems that require a detailed understanding of both hardware and software, and has strong opinions about distributed systems design; building effective teams that can both design and operate interesting computing systems, and how to learn from both the successes and failures of your systems.

Outside of computing, Adam's interests include the history of science and engineering; playing tabletop RPGs; curling (the sport with the rocks on ice! 🥌); and baking tasty desserts. He currently lives in Denver, Colorado, USA, with his wife, two cats, and a dog that looks like a muppet.

You can find Adam on the Internet on the Fediverse, Twitter, and his blog, Thinking Out Loud. Email is still probably the best way to reach Adam that will get a reply, and you can reach him at ajdecon@ajdecon.org.