About Adam

Adam DeConinck builds supercomputers! Currently, Adam is a Senior Solutions Architect at NVIDIA, where his work is focused on cluster management and systems deployment for HPC and AI infrastructure. Previously, Adam has built, supported -- and been on call for -- large HPC and storage systems at Los Alamos National Laboratory and Facebook. He has strong opinions about how to build and architect scalable systems, and even stronger opinions about the right ways to manage and monitor them, make them reliable, and help the operations team sleep at night.

Outside of work, Adam spends his time curling at the Granite Curling Club in Seattle; playing tabletop RPGs; baking tasty desserts; and cheering on his wife's roller derby team at Rat City Roller Derby. You can find Adam on Twitter, Github, or elsewhere online as ajdecon, which is an account name he's had since since he was in middle school.